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In North Carolina in 2012, 110,406 people were injured and 1,262 people were killed in car accidents. What makes these accidents even more unfortunate is that in many cases, the accident could have been easily prevented had drivers obeyed speed laws, obeyed road laws, refrained from distracted driving, or refrained from drinking and driving. According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, 23% of car accidents were the result of distracted driving. Drinking and driving also accounted for over 2,000 accidents in North Carolina in 2012.

The law offers important protections to car accident victims. A Gastonia NC car accident lawyer can review the circumstances of your accident and review evidence to determine whether you have a case. Many wonder how much money to seek in damages following a car accident. A car accident lawyer can review all medical bills, rehabilitation care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and determine the value of your case. J. Boyce Garland, Jr., Attorney at Law, offers a free initial consultation to auto accident victims and their families in Gastonia, N.C.

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When you seek the counsel of an experienced Gastonia auto accident attorney, you are taking an important first step in protecting your rights and seeking justice. Every car accident personal injury case is unique, but many cases are opened shortly after an accident takes place and a victim seeks adequate medical care. Your injury attorney will ask you to provide medical expenses, bills, rehabilitation expenses, and any medical records you may have. You may also be asked to bring pay stubs and records of any missed time at work. Your Gastonia auto accident lawyer will take a look at your accident’s police report and any photos you may have of injuries and damage. Your Gastonia car accident lawyer may ask you a range of detailed questions about the circumstances leading up to and after your accident. J. Boyce Garland, Jr., Attorney will take all facts into account and offer you an honest assessment of whether you have a winning case.

If you have a case, our firm will review all your expenses, and evaluate the severity of your injuries. You may need to get additional medical records from your doctor, estimating the length of medical treatment you’ll require as well as documentation of the severity of your disability. Based on these assessments, your accident lawyer will determine the amount of money in damages to seek from negligent drivers. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the amount of money to seek in damages. Some factors include:

  • Value of medical expenses
  • Estimated cost of future medical expenses and nursing care
  • Estimated cost of rehabilitation
  • Value of lost wages
  • Estimated value of future lost wages and productivity
  • Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering damages are often the most difficult to calculate and often these damages are best assessed by a qualified personal injury attorney. The amount of money you can seek for pain and suffering will often depend on the severity and permanence of your injuries and disabilities. Are you expected to recover? Does your injury prevent you from enjoying life activities you engaged in prior to your accident? Will you require long-term nursing care? Can you be expected to return to work? All of these factors will determine the value of pain and suffering damages you can seek. J. Boyce Garland, Jr., Attorney is a Gastonia car accident lawyer committed to helping families and victims receive the maximum possible compensation and justice allowable under the law. Contact our firm at 704-867-1113 for a FREE consultation consultation and assessment.

Common Auto Accident Injuries 

Car accident injuries can prevent a person from engaging in recreational activities, work, and caretaking roles in the family. Some common serious car accident injuries include:

  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Burns

The most serious among these injuries can result in changes to your quality and standard of life. Some of these injuries may not be diagnosed right after an incident takes place. For example, some traumatic brain injuries can take weeks or months before the symptoms become fully apparent. Memory loss, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, headache, visual difficulties, and depression are all possible symptoms of traumatic brain injury. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychological condition that can become manifest in the weeks and months after a car accident. Avoiding cars or driving, avoiding the place where the accident took place, difficulty sleeping, and intrusive memories are all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you must get the care you deserve. Too often victims and families let cost get in the way of proper treatment. Fortunately, the law provides important protections to ensure that you and your loved ones receive treatment and to ensure that those who are responsible pay for their negligence. J. Boyce Garland, Jr. is an auto accident lawyer in Gastonia, NC who has successfully handled and settled hundreds of personal injury cases and can work with auto insurers and hold accountable those who are responsible.

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In the weeks and months following a car accident, you may be facing new challenges, expenses, and a highly emotional healing process. J. Boyce Garland, Jr., Attorney understands the unique difficulties that auto accident victims and their families face in Gastonia, N.C. We work closely with you to get you the justice you deserve. You may have a limited time to seek compensation for an incident under North Carolina law. Contact our firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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